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Chocolate Moulds

Chocolate Moulds

Chocolate moulds 

The movie “Chocolat” shows impressively that chocolate is more than just a sweet treat. Chocolate can be seductive, sensual and full of mysteries and secrets. As a sweet treat, chocolate indulges your palate and is hard to resist. If you, as a chef, pâtissier or passionate layman, like to make your own delicious chocolate or decorative praline, our category ‘chocolate moulds’ is the perfect place to buy the needed utensils. Create chocolate artworks that are filled with fireworks of taste.

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Chocolate moulds for delicate filled chocolates

Homemade pralines are a perfect gift idea for many occasions or are a sweet little treat for guests to take home with and will raise the spirits of any chocolate lover. To give your sweet little delicacies an individual touch, only your fantasy is the limit. Mix cocoa butter, powdered milk, sugar and many more ingredients as you wish until you get your very own signature creation that you are proud to present to friends and family. The mixed mass then only needs to be refined, conched and poured into the chocolate moulds of your choice. As soon as the pralines are cooled down, pick them up with our special praline forks to dip them into chocolate coating. Delicious!

Chocolate moulds and more utensils to create edible masterpieces

Apart from high-quality chocolate moulds you find a vast variety of other baking and cooking utensils at Backmann24 to serve as handy little kitchen helpers or when surprising family and friends with unique baked creations. Find a whole repertoire of cookie cutters, pastry bags, dough scrapers and much more.