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Strainers & Sieves

Strainers & Sieves

Strainers and sieves – functional helpers for every household

Whether for flour and icing sugar or pasta, salads, or vegetables – strainers and sieves are part of the basic equipment in every kitchen. They are in daily use and an excellent helper when baking and cooking. Browse through our wide range of products and discover sieves and strainers for different applications! We’ll tell you what you need to know about these two household professionals. Continue reading

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What makes the kitchen helpers stand out?

A colander is a type of sieve that serves to separate solid ingredients from liquids. While the (cooked) food or fruit remains in the sieve, the water flows off through countless holes. These are usually much coarser than those of a kitchen sieve. Conventional strainers usually have little stands. This means they can be placed in the sink while the contents can drip off without touching the sink. A colander usually does not have a stand or ring but is equipped with a small, handle-like hook. This makes it easy to hang it up and place it in the desired position over a bowl or on the edge of the sink. This makes it easy to collect liquids or to process the sieved components.

Wide range of applications for strainers and sieves

Strainers and sieves make everyday kitchen life easier in many ways:

  • washing salad
  • passing of sauces
  • draining of noodles, rice, vegetables, and fruit
  • in combination with a lid as a salad spinner
  • sieving flour and icing sugar

Stainless steel or plastic?

Stainless steel

Sieves and strainers made of high-quality stainless steel are particularly convincing from a visual point of view, especially if you want to hang it up on an open shelf! But stainless steel is not only decorative but also robust and durable. Therefore, you will enjoy your sieve and/or strainer for a long time. Especially for pouring pasta, the stainless-steel version has proven itself. To produce our kitchen sieves, we exclusively use stainless steel, which is completely harmless for you in terms of food safety. You can choose between different mesh sizes and wire thicknesses as well as diameters. After use, the sieve can be cleaned under running hot water or in the dishwasher.


Sieves and strainers made of sturdy plastic are above all practical! They can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher. Compared to stainless steel models plastic strainers do not last as long. With the right care, however, they can provide excellent service for several years. The plastic kitchen helpers are also available in various designs.

The meshes in the sieves – the smaller the finer!

With a sieve, the wire thickness and above all the mesh size are decisive for the area of application. The tighter the mesh and the thinner the wire, the finer the ingredients are sifted through. This is often decisive for the success of your planned baking creation. For a coarse flour, you need a sieve with much larger meshes than for sifting icing sugar, for example. Our range includes coarse-meshed kitchen sieves as well as variants for finer flour and very fine icing sugar. Whether you choose stainless steel or plastic is up to your personal preferences and the area in which you want to use the sieve.