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Round Piping Tips

Round Piping Tips

Round piping tips of high quality to create culinary artworks

In any well-equipped kitchen, high-grade round piping nozzles should not be missed. The models in our shop Backmann24 are of premium-quality and make professional baking results possible. Thanks to our piping tips, decorating cakes, cupcakes and other pastry dreams is easy, even for non-professionals. Create unique edible art, turn tasty but boring looking cakes into design fireworks that will be the centre of attention on any table. At Backmann24 you are at the right address when looking for decorating nozzles. We offer a wide variety of nozzle types for every baking project. Round piping tips made of stainless steel are a perfect tool to easily decorate cakes and garnish dishes. Let your fantasy run wild and turn whatever dish, savoury or sweet, into individual, creative, unique and mouth-watering pieces of art. Read more

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Versatile round piping nozzles

In our broad assortment, you will surely find the right model for your purposes. In order for you to get the optimal nozzle, we offer a comprehensive range of round tips in different versions and different sizes (S, L, XXL) with different diameters. Thanks to their versatility, round piping nozzles are suitable for different tasks in the kitchen and are easy to use for every passionate baker and chef, no matter if you are a layman or a professional in the gastronomy service.

Piping tips of high-quality

Made from stainless steel or synthetic material all our offered kitchen tools are of premium-quality for the best decorating results. All nozzles are food-safe with any kinds of food products. Furthermore, they are very easy to clean after use, so that you can store them for your next decorating project.

Practical accessories for your round piping nozzles

If you are convinced by the quality of our offered round tips, why not acquire a whole set of piping supplies and other accessories. With our set “size L” containing ten different tips made of stainless steel, you will have the perfect basic toolset in your kitchen. Why not also have a look into other categories in our shop Backmann24 where you find further practical accessories like piping bags or adapters for the nozzles.

If you have questions or need more information about which piping tip suits your purposes best, our customer service is happy to help.