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Mixing Spoons / Spatulas

Mixing Spoons / Spatulas

Mixing spoons for professionals

To prepare savoury dishes or sweet cakes, it often takes mixing different ingredients thoroughly. Apart from a whisk, wooden spoons are classics in the kitchen. Wooden kitchen utensils however have some major disadvantages. Flavours or particles of prepared dishes stick to the material and can cross contaminate the next dish, even when cleaned as a thoroughly hygienic cleansing is not always possible. Furthermore, the wooden material gets porous over time and, in the worst case, can even break.

Mixing spoons from synthetic material are a must in any contemporary modern kitchen, hobby or professional. Reinforced with fibreglass, those special plastic spoons are the perfect update for any traditional wooden spoon. Not only are they very easy to clean, but also very robust and reliable helpers in the kitchen. Thanks to a sturdy handle, you will have a good grip, plus, it won’t break easily. Due to the very smooth surface, food scraps and bacteria have no chance to stick to the material. Read more

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Mixing spoons for different tasks

The high-quality mixing spoons in our product range can be used in any kitchen for numerous tasks. They are perfect for mixing fine cake dough, as well as for blending herbs into a sauce. Variants with an extra long handle are a good option, when you need to mix or blend masses or liquids in a deep cooking pot. Shorter spoons are sufficient for the everyday cooking or when precise movements are needed.

In addition to mixing spoons, we also offer a variety of rubber spatulas. Use spatulas fabricated from flexible silicon to protect the sensitive coatings of pans or pots. Spatulas with thermoplastic tips are a good choice when removing burnt-in food scraps from any surface. These heat-resistant kitchen helpers come in handy in numerous ways and can’t be missing in any kitchen.

High-value mixing spoons and other helpful cooking utensils

We equip large kitchens, restaurants, bakeries, pastry shops as well as hobby kitchens professionally. Apart from mixing spoons, our shop contains much more utensils to prepare, decorate or present all kinds of dishes. Discover our broad assortment of bowls and containers made from plastic or stainless steel in order to properly mix together various ingredients.

For deliveries of freshly made dishes on a commercial basis, we offer top-notch food distribution systems, from highly insulating EPP-heat boxes to elegant tableware made from break-proof porcelain. If you have questions about any of our products, don’t hesitate to contact our competent customer service.