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Kitchen knives

Kitchen knives

Kitchen knives - sharp and reliable

High quality cooking knives can’t be missing in any kitchen. Due to the good quality of the steel they are made from, these knives have a certain weight and lie balanced in the hand. The wide steel blades are ground on one side and thus they are ideal for preparing a large number of dishes. You can use chef's knives to cut a crisp salad or vegetables, to carve meat during the main course and to chop fruit for a dessert plate as a fruity and fresh ending to a tasty menu. At you will find a large selection of high-quality chef's knives that will make your kitchen work easier.

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More than chef's knives - special knives for baking

Sharp kitchen tools are not only important for cooking, they are also an essential part of any basic equipment when it comes to baking. Do you want to divide your cake into pieces without damaging the masterfully prepared decoration? Would you like to easily slice fresh bread with its crust? Have a look at our assortment and you also find a range of special cake and bread knives. Complete your own assortment of kitchen equipment with our high-quality kitchen knives for excellent results.

Kitchen knives and chef's knives in different versions

Chopping vegetables has different requirements than cutting bread, cakes or even meat, the knives differ in shape and size. In addition to our chef's knives, with which you can cut both vegetables and meat, you will also find special baker's knives with a serrated blade in our online shop. Those are just perfect when you need to cut bread crusts. A confectioner's knife is rounded at the front and, compared to a bread knife, has a blade with rounded teeth to allow precise cuts that do not destroy your cake decoration. Take your time to look around and find the knife of your choice.

Baking and cooking knives for high demands

If you buy a chef's knife at, you acquire high quality and easy and comfortable handling. Our chef’s knife - just like all other knives from our range - has a stainless-steel blade and an ergonomically shaped plastic handle that is a little bit roughened for safer guidance when cutting. To always work with sharp knives makes kitchen work so much more comfortable. That is why you will also find a knife sharpener in our online shop.