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Bismarck Filling Tips

Bismarck Filling Tips

Useful Bismarck filling tips at Backmann24

Baking tools like pastry bags are a crucial part of the equipment of any passionate baker and chef at home as well as for professionals in the gastronomy. No matter if on a daily basis or just every now and then for special occasions – our piping bags help you create culinary masterpieces that are not only tasty but beautiful to look at. Thanks to a wide range of different piping nozzles in our online shop, sweet dreams come true. Have a look at our special Bismarck filling tip with a sturdy tip made from stainless steel. Fill freshly baked pastries with jam, jelly, frosting or buttercream. The long tip makes it possible without needing to cut the pastry open. Read more

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Filling pastries with the right Bismarck filling tip

If you wish to fill your baked creations with fillings of any kind, then our special Bismarck filling tips are the right choice. Thanks to its long nozzle, you can place the filling right into the heart of the pastry without leaving a noticeable hole. Attach the nozzle to the piping bag, fill in the mass and insert the long nozzle into the pastry. With just a little squeeze you press the filling into it. All year long, sweet filled doughnuts are a delicacy everyone enjoys. They come with creams, jellies and myriads of other tasty fillings. But the use of a Bismarck filling tip is not just limited to sweet fillings, creative chefs use the nozzles, which come in different diameters, to also fill savoury dishes like croquets or other culinary creations.

Bismarck filling tips in premium quality

At Backmann24 we only offer piping nozzles of highest quality that are manufactured in one piece. Naturally, also the Bismarck filling tips. They are food-safe and easy to clean, especially when using our special nozzle brush.

Accessories for the Bismarck filling tip

In addition to your Filling tip, you can acquire fitting adapters and, of course, piping bags in different versions as well. At Backmann24 you find a wide range of useful accessories to round off your baking equipment at home. If you decide on our products, we guarantee you the highest quality at fair prices. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact our customer service team.