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GoodBowl - reusable meal trays

GoodBowl - reusable meal trays

As of 1 January 2023, Germany has introduced mandatory reusable packaging legislation. Almost every food takeaway/delivery provider is required to offer customers at least one type of reusable container for food and drinks as an alternative to disposable tableware. Other (EU) states will follow, it is not a question of if but when.

The concept: to reduce the mountains of waste from disposable packaging and to enable sustainable options to become established. 

The solution: GoodBowl from thermohauser — highly functional and attractive reusable bowls, developed by professionals for professionals. GoodBowl reusable tableware is a system with no licensing or additional costs, giving you the optimal way to work while making your customers hungry for more.  Read more

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GoodBowl –for enhanced reusability      

GoodBowl is a reusable concept developed for the catering industry. It doesn't matter whether you are running a snack bar or local bistro, a butcher's shop with a hot food counter, a restaurant offering take-away food, or a large canteen or refectory. When it comes to food for takeaways/deliveries, thermohauser GoodBowls are the ideal containers. Even for private households that enjoy the occasional takeaway, these reusable bowls offer real advantages. 

GoodBowl is a system that was developed in close cooperation with catering professionals and is 100% made in Germany. The bowls consist of polypropylene and are available in various shapes and attractive colours. They are robust and designed for a long service life. And at the end of their service life, the material is completely recyclable. 

Special features that make GoodBowl better than good

Input from professionals was vital in the development of the GoodBowl. What would the perfect reusable container for long-term use in the catering industry look like?!

GoodBowl is suitable for regular use in a commercial dishwasher. These products have been successfully proven to withstand over 1,000 dishwasher cycles and meet DIN 10512:2008-06 standards. They can be used at temperatures from -10°C to +100°C and are also suitable for use in the microwave. 

GoodBowl reusable bowls can be stacked inside each other to save space. This is a huge bonus for optimised storage. Practical stacking ridges on the sides ensure the bowls do not tip inside each other or get stuck, for example if they are put away slightly damp after cleaning.

The bowls can be safely stacked even when full and sealed. The lids and bases feature a carefully coordinated design (to some extent, even between different models) to ensure stability when used together.

The tightly closing, slightly transparent lids mean there is no need for stickers or other labelling. You can just look inside and see what's in the bowl. 

GoodBowl is also ideal for delivery services

The GoodBowl reusable bowls can easily be given to customers directly over the counter. But these containers are also a great option for the food delivery sector. The sizes and shapes are compatible with standard insulated boxes in the catering trade. GoodBowl products can be stacked inside these boxes, making the most of the space provided and offering excellent temperature regulation for food deliveries. The same applies, of course, for use in food delivery backpacks. 

Last but not least, there is the question of cost. GoodBowl is a purchase system that completely dispenses with licensing and filling fees or elaborate deposit schemes. When you buy the bowls, they become your property, and it is entirely up to you how they are used.

GoodBowl — a simple, pragmatic but highly attractive and functionally sophisticated reusable menu system for everyday use.