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Russian piping nozzles

Russian piping nozzles

Russian piping nozzles – conjure up stunning flowers in no time

Suitable decorations can transform a delicious gateau into a visual and gastronomic masterpiece. To help you fulfil your creative decorating ideas without a huge amount of effort, these Russian piping nozzles in our range offer a fantastic range of options. The repertoire of designs ranges from magnolias to wild tulips, from roses to daffodils, and lots of other floral shapes to create striking visual settings for your cakes. Manufactured from a single seamless piece of stainless steel, our Russian piping nozzles have proven to be robust, durable and particularly easy to clean. Read more

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Let your cakes truly blossom

Russian piping nozzles are an indispensable tool for bakers, pastry chefs and any catering application where there is a need to add wonderful decorations to delicious baked goods. Whether you are using cream, buttercream, chocolate icing or royal icing – these piping nozzles let you apply all these substances with ease, offering a genuine wow factor. Just fill the piping bag with the icing you have made and fix your chosen nozzle at the lower end. If you have several different designs in mind, just use the piping bag with a nozzle adapter. This lets you swap the nozzle cleanly from outside whenever you want to use a different shape. You can create particularly sophisticated results using icing in different colours or with bold combinations of fondant and cream icing.

Russian piping nozzles and lots of other products for baking and decorating

Russian piping nozzles are great for adding wonderful decorations to elaborate cakes for special occasions, but these versatile stainless steel nozzles can also be used to add a certain something to small tartlets or cupcakes. Or what about creating little floral shapes from butter or using a savoury fish cream or custard at a cold buffet? A guaranteed feast for the eyes! Other piping nozzles and useful accessories (such as disposable or reusable piping bags, piping bag sets and nozzle fittings) plus high-quality modelling tools and cake toppers can also be found at Backmann24. Discover our other utensils for creating superb baked goods, such as balloon whisks, pastry brushes and dough scrapers.