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Kitchen Textiles

Kitchen Textiles

Kitchen textiles for an all-round protection

Kitchen textiles are part of the basic equipment in any private or professional kitchen, best if of highest quality to have full protection to keep your clothes clean and to stay safe when handling hot pots, tins and more. Oven cloths prevent you from getting burns, injuries and stains. For these reasons, kitchen textiles are crucial allrounders for any kind of task in the kitchen. With the right and optimally fitting textiles you won’t need to worry about stains or when handling hot objects. Any professional chef or layman in the kitchen can cook or bake unworried and focused with the adequate textile equipment, of which offers a wide range. Read more

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Kitchen Stories – the app for mouth watering recipes and cooking tips

You are a gourmet with a distinct sense for good food and are eager to explore more recipes, especially those that are easily prepared for every day? You wish to know more about how best to use your kitchen tools and equipment and are grateful for useful and creative tips offered by professional chefs? Then you’re absolutely right to stop by at Kitchen Stories!

The people behind Kitchen Stories are a team of young Berliners around the founders Verena Hubertz and Mengting Gao. The company’s aspiration was to turn everyone’s private kitchen into the home’s favourite place again. The app offers more than 100 recipes that are fit for every day and were developed together with professional chefs. Enjoy roaming through the recipes and trying them out!

Oven cloths for heat protection

Oven cloths made from cotton are extremely heat resistant, but the ones from canvas are even more durable and resistant. Additionally, they are lined with soft fleece on the inside. Baking cloths made from leather withstand temperatures up to 250° Celsius and are extraordinary robust. No matter which model you choose, with oven cloths cooking and baking becomes a safe activity.

Pot holders – because safety comes first

With pot or baking tin holders taking out baked goods from the oven is easy and absolutely safe. Those special kitchen textiles protect your hands from temperatures up to 220° Celsius. No more burns from hot tins.

Aprons are a classic among kitchen textiles

Aprons are bestsellers that can surely be found in almost every kitchen, professional or at home. There is a simple reason for that – aprons effectively protect the clothes you’re wearing from stains or burn marks while working in the kitchen. The models we offer in our online shop possess a special coating that makes them heat resistant up to 220° Celsius. The basic material of all our variants are made from cotton and thus are easy to clean.