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Pastry Brushes

Pastry Brushes

Pastry brushes for every occasion

The right tools for baking and cooking are crucial to conjure delicious meals of any kind, no matter if sweet or savoury. Especially when it comes to sweet delicacies, you can hardly do without a range of different brushes. With our offered assortment of pastry brushes, you have the perfect baking equipment at hand. Choose from different sizes, lengths and materials to find the perfect pastry brush for your sweet project. Particularly for baking you will often need various sizes and widths of brushes depending on the work stage you’re in or the effect you wish for. When you take this into account, your pastry art pieces will impress anyone culinarily and visually!

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Pastry brushes – a bristly pleasure

A good pastry brush is characterized by several qualities. It should fit perfectly and feel good in your hand, it should not shed its bristles even when used regularly and brush and bristles should stay trim. When choosing from our assortment you have a selection of various materials. Traditionally pastry brushes are made off natural bristles. This material guarantees great quality of work with impressive results. Bristles from synthetic material are thinner and finer, moreover they are heat resistant up to +230°C in the short while, which is an advantage when spreading hot masses and when cleaning them properly. Pastry brushes from silicone have the decisive advantage of not losing any bristles. Most of the silicone brushes can be taken apart for cleaning under hot water or even in the dishwasher. No matter if you choose brushes with natural, synthetic or silicone bristles, they definitely help you turn a boring tartlet into a mouthwatering delicacy that’ll leave no wishes unfulfilled.

Size matters

Pastry brushes come in handy for numerous tasks when creating sweet treats, no matter if a glaze needs to be evenly applied to a cake or if filigree ornaments are to be drawn on the fondant icing. No matter what size of pastry brush you need for your task, Backmann24 has them all, to meet your needs when creating fine delicacies. Our assortment of pastry brushes contains many nuances concerning size, width, material and quality. Also, the length of the bristles varies in the different models. Find your perfect combination of brushes and your next confectioner’s event will be a hit.