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Dough Container

Dough Container

Let your dough rise in a dough container

The seductive smell of warm bread, a delicious pizza or a tarte flambé when they come fresh from the oven is simply irresistible. In order to enjoy these delicacies regularly, professional dough preparation tools and practical dough rising containers ensure that every piece will turn into a heavenly dish in the oven. At Backmann24, you find different kinds of dough rising containers such as fermenting baskets or dough ball container in which your dough can both rise or be transported in. Read more

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Dough container to support the natural fermentation process

After you have mixed your bread dough and kneaded it profoundly, the dough now needs to sit for up to several hours, depending on the type of bread. Best practice is to place it in a special fermenting basket with air slots to help the rising process. During the fermentation the added yeast decomposes the starch of the used grains. As a result carbon dioxide is produced, which is essential for the dough to rise and become loose. Once this is done, the bread dough must be carefully removed from the dough rising container and put into the oven.

Dough container to transport and store dough balls

Not only bread dough, but also pizza dough needs a certain amount of time to rise after having been kneaded. Therefore, it can easily be prepared the day before and be stored in a dough ball container overnight. In case you like to transport the prepared dough between the kitchen and your food storage, our offered dough containers make this a hygienic and easy task. The specially designed moulds in the container provide an optimal place for the dough to rise and to be transported from A to B. Discover our other useful baking and kitchen helpers as well, such as cutting matrices, cookie cutters, baking brushes and much more.