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Kitchen Containers

Kitchen Containers

Bowls & containers round off every kitchen range

No well-equipped kitchen should be without bowls, containers and sieves. These are practical accessories for food preparation and storage, for supplies and leftovers. A practical mixing bowl makes it easier to combine different ingredients, an elegant stainless steel model also looks fabulous directly on the table – without stealing the show from the delicious salad inside. All the bowls and containers in our online shop are made from materials that are approved safe for use with food, which means you can relax and use them without worrying.  Read more

A diverse range of bowls to meet any requirement

Whether it's a salad bowl, soup bowl, mixing bowl, serving bowl, dessert bowl, dip bowl, cereal bowl, or any number of other options – our useful kitchen bowls and dishes can be used for all sorts of different purposes. Depending entirely on your specific needs and preferences. It doesn't matter what kind of bowl you are looking for at our Backmann24 online shop – all our models are manufactured using high-quality materials. We have suitable containers for every requirement; from bowls with non-slip bases made using premium-quality stainless steel, to plastic bowls, to flour sifters / sieves / icing sugar sifters, to plastic mixing bowls. Our models are also available in various sizes and diameters depending on requirements.

Fine sifting and draining with sieves and sifters

Precision work is crucial in food preparation to achieve optimal cooking or baking results. For perfect dough or pastry, you should ideally sift flour, sugar and other ingredients before they are added. Our range includes sieves for all sorts of different applications – from relatively coarse kitchen sieves to flour sifters and even finer icing sugar sifters, there is an extensive selection. We also have the right tools for working with fruit and vegetables thanks to our range of colanders and strainers in different shapes and sizes.

Versatile bowls for the ambitious chef or baker

Whether you need bowls and containers for cooking, baking or storage – our versatile equipment will be up to the task. Serve crisp salads or creamy soup starters, dish up desserts in little bowls, or stir cake mix in one of these containers. When it comes to bowls and containers, there are a huge number of other useful products for various applications. So, we stock bowls, strainers & sieves as well as specially shaped containers, measuring jugs & measuring scoops, not to mention storage containers & dispensing accessories. These containers work not just for storage but also for food preparation. Sifting flour, adding precise quantities of ketchup or mayonnaise with our dispensers, measuring out sauces with the help of our dropper bottles, or measuring raw ingredients for a meal using our measuring jugs – all this and plenty more is possible using the bowls and containers from Backmann24.