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Oven Cloths & Oven Gloves

Oven Cloths & Oven Gloves

Oven gloves and oven cloths for a trustworthy heat protection

As a cook or pastry chef you handle hot pots, pans and baking tins on a daily basis. To easily and safely handle them you will need specially designed equipment that resists heat in order to properly keep your hands save from injuries and burns. In any kitchen it can get turbulent and stressful at times, for that reason oven gloves should be easy to put on quickly and be of robust material and quality to withstand any strains.

Our online Shop offers a broad assortment of oven gloves and oven cloths, all made from material of the highest quality that is fit for every hobby and professional chef. The product range of backmann24 offers the perfect solution for every need. Even when handling hot vessels, you can fully concentrate on creating culinary delicacies of any kind.

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Numerous oven cloths and gloves for every need

Depending on the kind of tasks you are about to perform in the kitchen, different kinds of heat resistant oven gloves are recommended. For taking heavy baking tins out of the oven, you will need especially thick gloves, that allow you to have a good grip. A good choice are mittens that have a thick inner layer. For tasks that afford precise handling, finger gloves are a perfect match. Our high-quality mittens, gloves and oven cloths are fabricated from different materials. Oven gloves made from untreated cotton are ideal for numerous tasks. In order to protect your wrist and forearms, choose gloves with extra long cuffs. Lined leather gloves or oven gloves made from robust canvas are especially durable. To handle small or light baking tins choose oven cloths made from cotton or jute.

Oven cloths, gloves and other textile kitchen helpers of best quality

Heat resistance up to 220°C is a must for any textile kitchen helper, for professionals as well as for passionate hobby chefs and confectioners, in order to be optimally prepared and protected when handling hot vessels. Explore our online shop and discover our wide range of products regarding the preparation and decoration as well as the storing and the transport of different kinds of dishes, hearty or sweet. No matter if professional gastronomy or hobby chefs, we offer everything that is needed for any tasks around the kitchen. If you have questions, please contact our competent customer service.