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Cake Modelling Tools

Cake Modelling Tools

Cake modelling tools for creative edible masterpieces

Skilfully decorated cakes are eye-catchers and can’t be missing on any wedding, birthday or other events. With professional cake modelling tools from backmann24 it’s a piece of cake to realize your creative ideas. Create smooth surfaces or elaborate patterns with professional marzipan modelling tools and add delicate blossoms and flowers.

The two-sided modelling sticks are versatile in use. With them you give your cake creation an individual touch and make sure, it will be a flawless eye-catcher on the table. Small cakes, pastries and cupcakes can also be put into the spotlight and since everyone eats with their eyes first, an elaborately decorated sweet dream will taste even better. Read more

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Putting marzipan and fondant into scene with cake modelling tools

Decorating cakes and other delicious bakery goods is double the fun with the right tools. Backmann24 offers you a broad variety of modelling tools for you to easily create beautiful decorations. No matter if you are a professional or a passionate layman – high-quality flower nails, modelling masses and other kitchen helpers allow you to let your fantasy run wild in order to impress your guests or customers with elaborately decorated cakes.

For different motives and patterns, you will need a variety of modelling tools. It’s always a good idea to have a basic stock of tools that can be expanded. For that reason, Backmann24 offers a set of modelling tools consisting of 15 pieces. With this base you can already create stunning edible masterpieces, thanks to the two-sided modelling sticks even more, since they give you more freedom to play with patterns.

Sweet decorations with the optimal modelling tools

At weddings as well as birthdays or anniversaries, individually decorated cakes are always a highlight. With a little patience, practice and thanks to backmann24’s modelling tools you can create enchanting decorations with a personal touch. Form delicate flowers and petals from marzipan, fondant or icing thanks to professional flower nails and carefully place them onto your baked delicacy.

You would like to manufacture various motives in different sizes? Then our adjustable marzipan crimpers are the right tool for you. Have a look at our assortment and find other practical kitchen helpers, such as dough scrapers or pastry bags, to add to your kitchen equipment.