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Ice cream scoops

Ice cream scoops

Ice cream scoops and servers for perfectly shaped balls

From classic varieties, such as strawberry, vanilla or chocolate, to more creative options, such as American cheesecake, sesame & date, or zuppa inglese – when the thermometer hits 30°C and up, nothing can beat a delicious scoop of ice cream as a popular refreshment. To make sure you get the perfect shape on your crunchy, freshly baked cone, you need a professional ice cream scoop.

The ice-cream servers in our range are incredibly easy to use, enabling you to scoop balls of delicious ice cream that look exactly as you would hope and promise an unbeatable summer treat. These practical utensils can also be used to serve perfect portions of fruit sorbet or other refreshing desserts from the freezer. Read more

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Create irresistible ice cream sundaes in no time at all using these professional quality ice cream scoops

What a pleasure it is on a hot summer's day to relax on the shady terrace of an ice cream parlour, indulging in a delicious tub of ice cream, topped with fresh fruit, a coulis of some kind, and some crunchy nuts. If you run a café or restaurant, these kinds of magical days can be highly profitable. When your food-loving guests are longing for a way to cool down, you don't want to keep them waiting. What you need is a way to serve all your delicious homemade treats as quickly as possible. That's why our professional ice-cream serving equipment allows you to create ice-cream sundaes, iced coffee and iced chocolate in no time at all.

These high-quality utensils are made from sturdy stainless steel and are designed to be the perfect shape to hold in your hand, so they will not slip, and they glide effortlessly through the delicious ice cream, even if it is frozen hard. Incredibly low-maintenance and easy to clean under running water, these scoops are available in various sizes, making them the perfect utensil for daily use in ice-cream parlours and other catering outlets.

Ice cream scoops and other practical accessories for making and serving sweet treats

Fans of delicious desserts will be in raptures at the sight of a creatively arranged ice-cream and fruit sundae, and customers like this are generally also partial to homemade cakes and tarts. If you want your products to look professional, what you need are high-quality baking utensils that will make life easy for you. Just browse our baking and decorating category and discover our extensive range of pastry making and baking tools, such as rolling pins, dough scrapers and cookie cutter sheets, which you can use to work with cake mix or dough for bread or bread rolls.

For perfectly executed decorative details, you can use our piping bags, nozzles and our extensive range of professional modelling tools. As a professional equipment supplier for the baking and catering industries, we offer everything you need for the production, decoration, presentation and transportation of delicious food – always at reasonable prices and featuring unbeatable quality.