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Piping Bags

Piping Bags

Piping bags to turn your cake into artwork

No matter the occasion, baked goods are always a highlight on any coffee table, birthday, wedding and myriads of other opportunities. Especially when masterly decorated, cakes, cupcakes and co become the centre of attention – because you eat with your eyes first! Our piping bags help you master this task easily. They are not just basic baking supplies in a confectioner business, but also standard equipment in the kitchen of any passionate baker. Your first tries with a piping bag might not yet be perfection, but as we all know, skill comes with practice. After a while, you will become a master in cake decoration and add individuality to your creations, hungry eyes of your guests guaranteed. In our online shop, we offer a wide assortment of pastry bags for every need – either as reusable bags made of specially coated cotton or as disposable piping bags made from special foil. But with piping bags alone, you cannot decorate, that’s why we have a great selection of different piping nozzles as well to complete your baking equipment. We are sure you will find what you need for your next confectioner’s project. Very popular are icing bags to decorate sweet delicacies like cookies, cupcakes, cakes and various dessert creams. Write names and short messages on the baked goods or artistically embellish a homemade cake with creamy tops – with our premium piping bags only your imagination is the limit!

Piping bags can only be used for sweet projects? Think again! Why not put hearty dishes decoratively on a plate? Duchess potatoes are a fine side dish for your lovingly prepared Sunday roast. Russian eggs, where the remoulade sauce is artfully piped on the halved eggs, are an eye-catching appetizer. Any sort of puree is put in scene when draped on the plate thanks to a pastry bag. Read more

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A plethora of pastry bags at backmann24

Depending on how often you like to act out your decorating dreams, at backmann24 you find a broad assortment of premium piping bags for all different kinds of sweet and hearty basic masses – hot or cold – to work with. Our offered disposable as well as reusable icing bags come in different sizes and materials, to meet your needs for the perfect embellishment.

For very delicate ornaments, we additionally have special piping bags in our product range, with which you can easily put very fine lines or write on your homemade pastries. Another highlight in our shop is a special dual bag, which allows you to create, for example, bicoloured cream tops on your cupcakes. If you can’t decide yet for which purpose you will need pastry bags or would like to start acquiring your very first baking equipment, we offer sets of icing bags with a variety of piping nozzles and adapters, so you can make any of your decoration dreams come true.

Reusable piping bags

Reusable bags are an environment friendly choice if you frequently decorate cakes or beautify plates with vegetable purees. After using these bags just clean them with hot water and let them air-dry. Depending on the purpose, our product range contains piping bags of different sizes and materials. If you handle hot masses, like purees, our piping bags coated with thermoplastic material are the first choice so as not burn your fingers.

Disposable piping bags

Piping bags for a one-time use are perfect for anybody who only needs them every now and then. Even professionals choose disposable bags, as they make it easier to store several prepared icings or purees hygienically and air-tight in the fridge. After successfully decorating, the bags made from synthetic foil can be thrown out without having to clean them.

The different sizes

Depending on the sort of delicate ornament work, we offer different sizes of pastry bags. Consider that the bag should only be filled half way. That leaves enough space to twist the upper end of the bag together and gently squeeze out the cream or puree. Always make sure to use the correct size of piping bag to get an optimal result. If you opt for creating a whole baking tray full of biscuits or decoratively put a hearty puree on several plates, you will probably choose a big pastry bag. Small decorations on biscuits, handwriting a name on a cake or small coloured highlights demand the smallest size of piping bags.

Materials and premium products

Obviously, all our product range of piping bags is of the high premium quality that is the standard of the manufacturer thermohauser. Both the offered reusable bags as well as the disposable ones are durable due to excellent processing and reliable stability.

Our reusable icing bags are made of a robust fabric - either synthetic or from cotton - and have layers of a special synthetic coating which makes the bags extremely durable and sturdy. The material is non-slip and makes an exact decoration easily possible, even when the basic mass is quite solid. To maintain high levels of hygiene when working with food, we also have reusable piping bags with a special coating from silver ions.

If you prefer the disposable versions, we also offer premium products of the high-quality brand thermohauser. They are tear-resistant and always at your service even when the icing creams or purees are quite solid. We do count pastry bags in different colours to our assortment. This is especially useful, if your decorating project contains different coloured icings, which you don’t want to mix up while being focused on ornamenting the cake. Greasy or oily masses are easier to handle when using special piping bags with an anti-slip coating.

The perfect piping nozzle

A piping nozzle isn’t just a nozzle – it is the base of your embellishment masterpiece. Find the optimal nozzle to attach to your pastry bag. We offer hole tips, star tips and every other form up to special nozzles like the Bismarck Filling Tip to fill doughnuts. In our shop, you can find a huge selection of piping nozzles in all sizes and varieties to get started with your decorations in no time. Let your imagination trickle down the piping nozzles along the icing bag onto your evolving work of art. Add some flamboyance to a hearty meal with a decorative puree. With a little practice even an amateur baker turns, thanks to our professional bakery supplies, into a master of confectionary art.

Hole Tips

Nozzles with a hole tip are all-rounders. This classical form of piping nozzle is useful for a broad variety of decoration ideas to put on spritz on your baked delicacy. You can write on your cake with hole tip nozzles or come up with your own pattern or even put little figures on top of your cake. For extra special effects we offer hole tip nozzles that have more than one hole.

Star Tip

Nozzles with a star-shaped tip work well to effectively decorate a cake with little whipped cream toppings. Only your imagination is the limit. This kind of nozzle is always a good choice, not only for sweet ornaments, but also to put any hearty appetizer in scene on an opulent buffet.

Bismarck Filling Tip

This special form of nozzle is made to spritz a filling, sweet or savory, into any pastry. Doughnuts are especially delicious with a filling of all kinds of jams. With these long nozzles it is easy to fill pastries. Plus, they are thin enough so that you can’t see the site where you injected the jam or cream.

Deco tips

With these nozzles you can run wild with your decoration ideas. In our online shop we offer a huge assortment of deco nozzles to meet any of your needs. With some, you can put little creamy shells, little hearts, leaves or waves on your cake. The almost endless range of Russian piping tips let you create all sorts of marvellous flowers like roses, tulips, magnolias and many more on your pastry.

Icing nozzles for eye-catching decorations

To exhaust the maximum of possibilities, we recommend the use of different nozzles to decorate your cake and other baked goods. For that reason, our online shop has a wide range of nozzles, from simple to extravagant and even whole sets with a variety of nozzles. We make it possible for you to create an endless range of imaginative patterns, no matter the used mass, sweet or hearty. Get inspired in our product assortment and be stunned by the results when trying it out.

Our tutorial for your art of decorating:

Working with a piping bag is not rocket science. With a little practice, even laymen can create spectacularly ornamented baked goods. Just follow some ground rules and you will get a perfect result.

First step is to choose the right nozzle for the result you have in mind. Either without or with an adapter, depending on the model, you attach the nozzles at the smaller end of the piping bag.

Next step is to fill the bag with the icing or puree of your choice. Fold the upper part, around a fourth, outwards and scoop in enough of the mass that the bag is filled half way up.

When this is done, flip the outwards folded part of the bag back and twist it up to three times. This step is vital to compress the mass optimally and get rid of any entrapped air and build up a little pressure.

Depending if you are right or left handed, hold the bag tight with your preferred hand. The other hand holds the smaller bottom part to support steering the piping bag, while the hand on the upper part gently squeezes the bag so that the mass emerges from the nozzle.

With decreasing filling level, twist the bag gradually, in order to maintain the pressure on the icing. If you want to make sure that every bit of the icing or puree is used, take a pastry scraper to push it down. If needed, refill the piping bag.

To find your optimal technique, try a little this and a little that until you perfect your piping skills. If you opt for decorating muffins in a rose-like pattern, move the piping bag with a star tip spirally and with a constant squeeze until you built up the desired result. To add just little decorative highlight on for example a cake, short pressures on the bag with the icing inside is sufficient. You can find more tips and tricks on how to ideally use a piping bag in our Kitchen Stories.

Get the basics with Kitchen Stories – how to fill piping bags, easy and quick

To fill a piping bag without spilling is not difficult – not just for professionals, also passionate bakers and chefs at home can learn the technique fast. Kitchen Stories, the app to make "your home kitchen your favourite place to be again” shows you how. The app accompanies you to ideally and tastefully decorate and present any recipes. Basic and important tricks to perfect your cooking and baking skills are presented and explained in an easy manner. In the app’s video on “how to fill piping bags”, a professional confectioner shows you how to proceed so that you can then start your beautiful decorating. Ready to go? You can find piping bags and all essentials for an icing decorated masterpiece in our online shop For more ideas, click here >>>

Useful accessories for working with a pastry bag

Sets of piping bags for stunning results

In our shop you can choose between multiple reusable piping bags or disposable ones, if you don’t want the hassle of cleaning them. Especially when you start assembling your first essentials to be a passionate confectioner or baker, a set of different icing bags is the way to go. A set contains a piping bag of your choice and a variety of nozzles that fit the bag. Our set “Ornament” is a perfect choice if you opt for decorating a cake for a special occasion. The set “Double” gives you the option to create two-coloured icings or cream tops.

Accessories for your piping bag

No matter the pastry bag you chose, they all are easy to fill and refill as well as easy to clean. In no time, they are ready-to-use. If you need a break while putting the ornaments on your baked goods, we count practical stands for piping bags into our assortment. Put there, the bag stays standing up and nothing will spill out. If you work with a disposable bag, with our practical cutters specially for piping bags you can easily slice the bags open to scrape out the rest of the icing or puree. Special seals enable you to store leftovers air- and spill-tight to put into the fridge. If you don’t know how or where to store your piping bag and nozzles, practical hooks specially made for these kitchen essentials can be acquired in our shop as well.