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Reusable Piping Bags

Reusable Piping Bags

Reusable piping bags to create your own cake decorations

Piping bags are versatile tools, not only for chefs and pâtissiers, but also for any home baker who wants to create edible art. You can use them for baking as well as for cooking savoury dishes. If you want to give your cake a special look, piping bags are the perfect tool for a beautiful finish. Depending on your needs, there are two kinds of piping bags: disposable ones as well as reusable ones. As the name says, reusable piping bags in our shop can be used many times, as they are dishwasher safe. No need to clean them by hand, although it will be the easiest way to wash out the bag with hot running water. Especially home bakers or pastry chefs, who make baking dreams come true on a regular basis, will be convinced by the easy handling of our reusable piping bags. Read more

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Reusable pastry bags for hearty and sweet dishes

All our reusable piping bags are made of robust cotton or synthetic fabric with a food-safe coating on the inside. The outside is non-slip to secure your grip while piping masses. The coating of the model “Silver” contains silver ions which prevents bacteria from growing on the surface much more effectively. This is especially important when you use the piping bag for creating sweet or hearty dishes. For whatever dish you use these bags, cleaning them is easy, by hand or in the dishwasher. After using and cleaning reusable piping bags, make sure to let them dry properly before storing.

With just a little practice, you can turn almost every decoration dream into a real edible artwork – with just the help of a pastry bag and the right piping tip. Pates, foams, purees, creams and more will be formed into beautiful shapes and marvellous designs. Now your food will not only taste great, it will also look magnificent!

Turning dishes into artworks with reusable piping bags

You do not just bake and cook dishes but turn the food into art. Delicate structures and shapes require a high-quality pastry bag. With it, you have a good control over creams, meringues, ganaches and any other edible masses when bringing them in the right form. After a little practice, it’s a piece of cake! In addition to the reusable pastry bag, you just need the necessary piping tip for your decorating project. Find in our shop Backmann24 a whole variety of different tips to complete your pâtissier dream.