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Palette Knives & Baker Spatulas

Palette Knives & Baker Spatulas

Baker spatulas for beautiful results

What would a cake be without a delicious cream or a tasty icing, for example made from dark chocolate? If you also like to create beautiful cakes at home, a range of palette knives will serve you well. You can use them to spread butter cream evenly on a sponge cake base, cover Swedish apple cake with whipped cream and Black Forest cake with a layer of chocolate. Voilà - the culinary masterpiece is ready!

We have cake knives for every baking project - no matter if you spread ganache, cream or fondant. With our baker spatulas with smooth or angled blades from stainless steel, you work professionally and achieve beautiful results from the bottom to the top of the cake.

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Palette knives - the basis for impressive baking creations

Do you want to bake a motif cake? How about a figure made from marzipan paste? On a cake with fondant you can create three-dimensional motives, patterns and figurines. To spread icings from icing sugar evenly, we offer special palette knives. While our model with a smooth blade is ideally suited to cover a cake, angled baker spatulas are used to spread cream or pudding onto a layered cake in a cake ring or on a tray. Find the perfect kitchen tools for your needs here at

A variety of uses - from cake pallets to pizza turners

Palette knives should not be missing in any kitchen where there are passionate hobby or professional bakers and confectioners. In our assortment you will find different shapes and variations, which you can use according to your ideas. With an angled spatula, chocolate coating and cream can be ideally spread on the small, round cake base and, depending on the model, even be decorated with a wave pattern. You can also use them to remove a cake from the cake ring or to lay it on a plate. At Backmann24 you acquire real all-rounders to complement your baking utensils, and not only for sweet baked creations, but also for pizza and other hearty dishes baked in the oven.

Buy high quality kitchen helpers online

All our baker spatulas are made of high-quality stainless steel. The blade lengths vary according to requirements and type of use. You can buy palette knives with blades in lengths of 15 to 22 cm from Backmann24. What they all have in common: they are particularly pleasant to handle thanks to the ergonomically shaped plastic handle. The handles are a little bit roughened, so that you have a better grip and do not slip off accidentally.