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Whisks to mix, whip and froth

When preparing sweet or salty delicacies, it often is essential to mix different ingredients to a mass. Different kitchen utensils can be used for this, depending on how homogenous the result needs to be. With wooden spoons the ingredients are mixed together rather roughly while whisks are optimal to mix the different components thoroughly. Liquid ingredients will turn into homogeneous mixtures with the help of a whisk. Make sure that you whip in small circles. With this technique small air bubbles are mixed into the mass. The result is a product with a creamy and frothy texture. When mixing oily and watery liquids, for example to create a tasty vinaigrette made from balsamic vinegar and olive oil, shallow swings combine the components optimally. Read more

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Mixing together baking ingredients made easy

Primarily, whisks were used to whip egg white into frothy and foamy masses that are part of many baking recipes. The beaten egg whites are carefully stirred under the prepared dough mass and like that, act as a raising agent. It ensures that your cake rises wonderfully and does not collapse after the baking process. With the help of a high-quality whisk from Backmann24, in the twinkling of an eye, egg white turns into a stiff, yet frothy spotless white mass.

Icing, molten chocolate and creamy buttercream are easily made without any lumps with the help of whisks. Or maybe some whipped cream to top a fruity strawberry cake? Whisks are the kitchen helper number one when it comes to creating creamy delicacies. Especially tasteful are meringues that are made from beaten egg white, lemon juice and sugar – easily whipped up with whisks. With pastry bags and fitting nozzles, you turn this mass into beautiful forms.

Creamy soups and tasty sauces

Whisks are not only indispensable utensils for sweet creations but also for creamy soups or tasty sauces. If you, for example, look for the perfect kitchen tool to make a roux as a base for a bechamel sauce or to thicken broths, whisks are the optimal choice. After the butter or margarine is melted, sprinkle in flour and brown the mixture while constantly stirring with the whisk.

When making a Hollandaise sauce, it is also necessary to continuously stir the ingredients with a suitable whisk until this sauce, that goes well with so many dishes, has the desired consistency. With high-quality whisks from Backmann24 you are well prepared for all these tasks. The heat-resistant and very sturdy whisks are professional cooking and baking helpers no one should ever miss in his or her kitchen. Thanks to practical hangers at the end of the handle, our whisks always find a place within easy reach.

Whisks for every task - a wide selection of whisks

Both for professional bakers, confectioners and chefs as well as passionate laymen creating tasty dishes at home, it is recommended to have a selection of different whisks for various tasks. For that reason, Backmann24 offers a wide repertoire of different types and sizes. Our balloon shaped whisks consist of radially arranged wire loops from stainless steel, which optionally end in a plastic handle that is reinforced with glass fiber or in a shining stainless-steel handle. Balloon shaped whisks are ideal for mixing ingredients in a mixing bowl.

A rather new version of the eggbeater are models with small metal balls at the bottom instead of wire loops. These whisks are particularly suitable for stirring in high and narrow vessels. The flexible stainless-steel balls easily reach any sediments in narrow bowls. Since this version has no wires crossing each other, they can be cleaned quickly and easily. Simply rinse these practical stirrers briefly under running water and they are ready for new tasks.