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COMBI GN 1/1 Thermobox, front loading, EPP
COMBI GN 1/1 Thermobox, front loading, EPP
COMBI GN 1/1 Thermobox, front loading, EPP
COMBI GN 1/1 Thermobox, front loading, EPP
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COMBI GN 1/1 Thermobox, front loading, EPP

Key facts at a glance

  • material: expanded Polypropylene (EPP), black
  • outside dimensions: approx. 63 cm x 50 cm x 58 cm
  • inside dimensions: approx. 53.5 cm x 33 cm x 47 cm
  • weight: approx. 5.5 kg
  • volume: approx. 83 litres
  • 12 slides (each with about 3.0 cm distance) for stacking GN-containers and / or GN-trays

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Combi GN 1/1 Thermobox – The front loading professional The insulation box COMBI GN 1/1 is the... more

Combi GN 1/1 Thermobox – The front loading professional

The insulation box COMBI GN 1/1 is the classic among the front loading boxes in the product range of thermohauser. This box perfectly combines the positive properties of an insulation box in the Gastronorm GN 1/1 size with the additional feature of loading from the front – which is an essential advantage for kitchens and the catering industry.

As the name already describes, the box Combi GN 1/1 is an insulation box with the standardized basic size Gastronorm (GN) 1/1. It provides 12 slides, that are installed inside the box with about 3.0 cm distance each. Whether it is about to load prepared trays for a buffet or different GN-containers with fresh dishes – the options are very diverse and can be used precisely as required.

After equipping, the door is to be inserted easily and brought into the right position without great effort. A significant advantage is the fact, that this is also possible if several boxes are stacked - a situation that occurs often in the kitchen or at the event location if there is already a lack of space. If you need to transport both warm and cold dishes at the same time, the included separation part is the perfect aid and can be simply placed into the insulation box Combi GN 1/1.

Insulation box Combi GN 1/1 made of EPP – a standard with highest insulation comfort

The material, of which this box Combi GN 1/1 is made, consists of expanded polypropylene (EPP) – a foamed plastic with excellent insulation properties. If transported with this box, warm meals remain warm and cold dishes remain cold. Furthermore, EPP stands for the convincing features of being lightweight but simultaneously extremely robust and resistant. This means another benefit not to be underestimated, as the trays or GN-containers, fitted with culinary delights, weigh heavily. The cleaning of the box can easily be done after use with running hot water and a bit of detergent.

Dolly & Co. – suitable accessories for the insulation box Combi GN 1/1

Completely filled, the insulation box Combi GN 1/1 can reach a high weight. Transporting this heavyweight over longer distances from the delivery vehicle to the kitchen or to the event location is hardly helpful for the human back. For this reason we provide you with the suitable aluminium dolly for this box as an adequate accessory. In order to ensure an ideal stability of the box, the dolly is specially designed with appropriate side rails. Lost or damaged parts of the box should not be a problem as the side parts, the door and the separation part are also available as spare parts. Last but not least, the thermohauser range includes also suitable cooling or warming plates, supporting the temperature level within the box and therefore meeting the relevant requirements.