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Euronorm Thermobox, EPP
Euronorm Thermobox, EPP
Euronorm Thermobox, EPP
Euronorm Thermobox, EPP
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Euronorm Thermobox, EPP

Different versions available

Key facts at a glance

  • material: expanded polypropylene (EPP), black
  • dimensions, external: approx. 56 cm x 36 cm
  • dimensions, internal: approx. 50 cm x 30 cm
  • available in different usable heights (E2, E3)
  • comes with lid
  • suitable for use in European standard containers
  • water-tight inner surface and radii in the base for easy cleaning
  • boxes can be sealed

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Euronorm Thermobox, EPP - Varianten

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Euronorm Thermobox, EPP
Euronorm Box, suitable with E3 containers, using height 21.5 cm

2-4 working days

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€39.13 *
Euronorm Thermobox, EPP
Euronorm Box, suitable with E2 containers, using height 11.5 cm

2-4 working days

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€33.20 *
From €33.20 *

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European standard insulated box – reliable temperature at the container standard European... more

European standard insulated box – reliable temperature at the container standard

European standard containers are now an integral part of logistics. The classic stacking containers, which come with closed and open sides, with or without a lid, also find multiple uses in the food trade and gastronomy. While industrial logistics "only" requires a suitable transport and storage medium, when it comes to food and prepared meals, much higher demands are made on hygiene and temperature safety.

This is where European standard insulated boxes come in! It fits perfectly into a European standard container and ensures that meat, fish, vegetables and other foodstuffs can be transported from A to B and stored temporarily in a way that ensures food hygiene and a stable temperature, while also being logistically efficient.

Well considered down to the finest detail – the top features of the new European standard insulation box

The fact that the new European standard insulation box also combines all the positive features of thermohauser insulation boxes made from EPP – expanded polypropylene, an enhanced plastic – is logical and understandable. It is extremely light, yet extremely sturdy and break-resistant at the same time. It can be washed in a dishwasher or under hot, running water as necessary. The material is completely recyclable. Their highly insulating effect makes particularly suitable for use with temperature-sensitive foods and dishes; the insulated boxes are ideal for use in the temperature range between -40°C and +120°C, with only minimal temperature loss per hour.

However, the European standard insulation box has even more to offer.

The inner surface is water-tight. This makes them particularly attractive when food leaks or spills and the box simply needs to be wiped thoroughly after use. Fluids will no longer soak into the material! Radii in the base of the box also make cleaning much easier.

The European standard insulation box can be sealed – this is a security aspect that should not be underestimated, especially in the delivery business. This guarantees that the box is only opened again when it reaches its destination. Practical recessed handles can be found in the lid of the box. If the European standard insulation box is stable and filled in a European standard container, the lid of the box can still be easily removed and replaced without having to lift the entire insulated box out of the stacking container first. Practical recessed handles ensure that the box is easy to transport and (ideally when empty) easy to put into or take out of a European standard container.

The decision to use thermohauser's European standard insulation box in conjunction with the classic E2 and E3 European standard containers is a decision in favour of high-quality, hygienically sophisticated and temperature-safe food logistics.