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Pizza Party / Pizza Family Thermobox, EPP
Pizza Party / Pizza Family Thermobox, EPP
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Pizza Party / Pizza Family Thermobox, EPP

Different versions available

Key facts at a glance

  • material: expanded polypropylene (EPP), black
  • dimensions, external: approx. 69 cm x 69 cm
  • dimensions, internal: approx. 63 cm x 63 cm
  • available in different usable heights
  • comes with lid
  • ventilation slots in the lid and dimpled base for even ventilation of the box
  • for family pizzas as well as large cakes & pies

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Pizza Party / Pizza Family Thermobox, EPP - Varianten

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Pizza Party / Pizza Family Thermobox, EPP
inside height 16,5 cm, volume 62 litres

2-4 working days

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€109.24 *
Pizza Party / Pizza Family Thermobox, EPP
inside height 21 cm, volume 83 litres

2-4 working days

Selected articles: 1 pcs.
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€115.88 *
From €109.24 *

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Pizza Party insulation box – for fresh pizzas when the party gets bigger The Pizza Party... more

Pizza Party insulation box – for fresh pizzas when the party gets bigger

The Pizza Party insulation box – also called Pizza Family – is the next instalment in the Pizza insulation box line from the thermohauser range. The square shape offers plenty of space for really large party and family pizzas, with external dimensions of approx. 69 x 69 centimetres.

Even large pizzas will have a light and crispy base and fresh toppings that don't go soggy, and, most importantly, the pizza will be hot and crispy when it reaches its destination. No problem with the Pizza Party insulation box.

As with the other boxes in the line, the dimpled base inside the box creates even air circulation and prevents the bottom from going soggy in the Party/Family model too. Like its predecessors, there is also a ventilation slot integrated into the lid of the insulated box that provides better air circulation in the box and therefore avoids the pizza getting soggy as a result of too much moisture. The ventilation slots can be opened and closed as required by turning te lid on the box. Thanks to the extremely effective insulation that comes from the enhanced plastic EPP, pizzas stay hot and fresh during delivery.

Not just for pizza – Pizza Party / Pizza Family Thermobox

The Pizza Party insulation box is suitable for more than just transporting family-sized pizzas. It is also perfect for large tray bakes or fresh pies, as a stable temperature, freshness and safety during transport are important for them too. What works for hot food works just as well for food and dishes where freshness and cooling are essential.

EPP – maximum insulating effect with minimal weight

Pizza Party / Family insulation boxes are designed for use in the food industry. EPP material (an enhanced plastic) is extremely light and at the same time highly durable and sturdy to handle. The material can, of course, be used legally without any food safety concerns. After use, the insulation boxes can be cleaned quickly and easily, either in the dishwasher or under hot running water. The boxes are perfect for use in gastronomy, community catering and delivery services. The highly insulating effect and minimal temperature loss over hours make these boxes suitable for use between temperatures of around -40°C to +120°C. Boxes of the same basic dimensions can be stacked on top of one another during transport/storage.