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Tray GN 1/1 Basic, stainless steel
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Tray GN 1/1 Basic, stainless steel

Key facts at a glance

  • material: stainless steel
  • dimensions: approx. 53 cm x 32.5 cm x 2.5 cm (GN 1/1)
  • weight: approx. 1.1 kg
  • stackable
  • ideal for use with all the insulated boxes in the Thermobox GN1/1 range for secure, chilled transportation of pre-prepared serving trays

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Prepare the GN 1/1 basic tray and put it into the insulated box A buffet at an outside event... more

Prepare the GN 1/1 basic tray and put it into the insulated box

A buffet at an outside event location needs supplies; nibbles and finger food will be served during an event. These are ideal occasions to lay out little dishes in a fresh, appealing manner on a stainless steel tray. The trays can then be kept chilled and conveyed in perfect condition to the venue, which is the cherry on the cake for any caterer or kitchen service.
By choosing the GN 1/1 basic tray, you are opting for the perfect tool to meet these challenges.

Simple but effective – the stainless steel GN 1/1 basic tray

This GN 1/1 tray is manufactured from stainless steel. Its size is designed in accordance with the GN 1/1 catering standard, which makes it an ideal accessory for the restaurant and catering sectors. The GN 1/1 tray is impressive thanks to its simplicity – offering the perfect setting for the dishes arranged on it to make an impact.
The edge has a simple slight curvature but is otherwise smooth. The tray has no additional ornamentation or handle elements. To save space, GN 1/1 basic trays are also stackable after use, they can simply be cleaned in the dishwasher or directly under hot running water.

Due to the catering standard GN 1/1 size, the tray can be loaded up quickly ready for serving, stored in an insulated box from the GN 1/1 range, and transported in a temperature-controlled environment to its destination. The culinary delicacies will thank you – as will your guests!